Organizing with Pop n’ Store + Giveaway!

When it comes to organizing, one of the things I struggle with most, is WHAT to store items in. I often store items in a rubbermaid container, but they are not square. This makes putting items side by side, more difficult, leaving unnecessary empty space. When space is tight, that is the last thing I want. I then resorted to shoeboxes because they have even edges, which makes stacking much easier.

When Samsill contacted and asked me if I wanted to give their new line, Pop n’ Store a try, I knew this was something worth looking into. Their idea of a  “space saving folding box system that goes from packed to popped up in 5 seconds” is any organizer’s dream tool. The thing with plastic containers and shoeboxes, when unused, they take up an incredible amount of space, for no reason. Space that I could be using for something else, or even space to just sit empty. (Yes, empty space is okay too!)

When my shipment of 5 boxes came, I couldn’t believe that it was shipped in a SMALL box! That just goes to show how small these boxes can be folded down to!

So why would I choose these storage boxes over others?

  • Durable – they have metal corners for reinforced strength
  • Fashionable – come in various colors and shapes
  • Can mix and match – if you want to style a closet with all one color, you can.
  • Soft bottom – does not scratch surfaces
  • Can be used for: storage, office supplies, desk accessories, gift box, document storage, crafts, seasonal decorations, toys, magazines, electronics, photos, CDs and DVDs, and more.

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