Organizing Your Office Space

Is paper clutter creating a mess in your home or office? It’s important to have a space that makes you comfortable and brings you joy! Organizing your office space is one of the first steps, and getting control over all those papers.

Working from home is a great thing. It can also be a challenge because honestly, you are never away from your work. Over the years, we have changed our office and work space several times, trying to find the best way to tackle the paper clutter. No matter how much we want to stay organized and not deal with papers, it’s inevitable.

So instead of fighting it, we decided to get our office organized once and for all.

No matter how hard I tried, the paper clutter ruled the office. The cookbooks, magazine, papers, to do lists – it was overwhelming. And the space was stark, and not too inviting.

That’s where Pop n’ Store comes in.

Giving each of the items in the office a home was our first step. We divided everything out into piles, then decided which size Pop n Store box they would fit in.

Some items aren’t used very much, and others are used on a daily basis. We took that into consideration as well.

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